Do you want to apply for a Swiss loan online and wonder if that works? Of course you can. With this article we inform you about the costs of a Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan, what advantages this loan has for the consumer and where the possible dangers and risks lie.

Apply for a Swiss loan online – a free service provided by intermediaries

Apply for a Swiss loan online - a free service provided by intermediaries

Experienced borrowers are already used to the good service that banks offer them with online loans. The free online loan comparison gives you a quick overview of the currently cheapest loan offers. With just one click, you can proceed to the loan application, which can be completed and sent directly online. After the personal data has been transmitted, the bank carries out the so-called credit check. Here it is checked to what extent a loan applicant is economically able to pay the monthly installments and whether he is trustworthy or creditworthy. If the loan applicants have a correspondingly good credit rating, they will be given a preliminary loan approval within a few minutes. It can hardly be more time-saving and effective. For this reason, more and more consumers are giving up their house bank and prefer to apply for loans online from the direct banks.

The success story of the direct banks is of course not uninteresting for the credit intermediaries operating on the market. Consumers interested in a loan without Credit Bureau who want to apply for their Swiss loan online are just as comfortable. You save a lot of time by eliminating labor-intensive and time-consuming processes on both sides. Forwarding the documents of the loan applicants to the partner banks is no longer a problem for the credit intermediaries. As a result, the Credit Bureau-free loans are now paid out much faster than a few years ago. Technical progress makes it possible. Since SEPA, the transfer process has also been significantly faster than before, so that the loan is then actually available more quickly.

Apply for credit online without Credit Bureau – the direct offer

Apply for credit online without Credit Bureau - the direct offer

The loan offers for Credit Bureau-free credit that credit intermediaries submit relate to the offer of Sigma Kreditbank AG based in Liechtenstein. However, customers should not apply for the loan directly from the bank. Although the application documents are stored online here, they must be printed out and filled in before they can be sent to the agent by post.

Unfortunately, the loan without Credit Bureau is not as quick as online credit offers from German direct banks. Here, the intermediaries and their affiliated banks still have to do something to give consumers the opportunity to apply for a Swiss loan online. And the money is available quickly. For consumers who are interested in such offers, we have prepared some facts about Swiss credit without Credit Bureau:

3,500 or 5,000 dollars are possible. The term is not freely selectable, but is set to 40 months. The effective annual interest rate is generally beyond the ten percent mark. Added to this are the fees for the placement, which are ultimately payable to the agent.

Consumers who are not necessarily dependent on a Credit Bureau-free loan because German banks refuse their credit inquiries should do without these very expensive and often also dubious offers. The Swiss loan without Credit Bureau information is an expensive loan that can have unforeseeable consequences for consumers. There are some dubious credit brokers who are only out to riot desperate loan seekers and do business with their personal information later. Loan seekers are laypeople and cannot always identify these dubious practices in advance. Only consumers for whom there is no alternative in Germany should apply for a Swiss loan online. You should be careful.